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Terms & Conditions

• Restricted for 3BB residential customer in available service area. The service is not for commercial use.
• The package can be registered at local 3BB shops only.
• Customer will receive ONT router rental valued of 2,200 baht (equipment variation depends on different network areas) and 3BB GIGATV Box rental valued of 2,590 baht. In case a customer cancels the service, they must return all equipment to the company in good working condition. If an equipment is broken from usage, 3BB reserves the right to collect reparation payment unless a defect occurs from the factory.
• Discount on 3BB FTTx service installation fees of 5,000 baht and 3BB GIGATV service setup/ installation fee of 2,000 baht for new customer, an existing customer with minimum bill cycle on service contract. In case a customer cancels the service before completing the service contract of minimum bill cycle period, 3BB reserves the right to collect the installation and 3BB GIGATV service fee based on prorate of the remaining bills. The service cannot be exchanged into cash or other promotion. The service contract will not apply, if a customer chooses to not receive the discounts above.
• Free access to premium content channels worth 300 baht throughout the contract period. And at the end of the contract will be automatically adjusted to the standard channel
• The service is reserved for data transfer on 3BB network. The company reserves the right to determine terms and conditions for customer’s fair usage. Hence, bandwidth speed depends on factors such as distance on network between servers, and traffic on a certain time. 3BB network quality is based on the standard of Gigabit ethernet port and Wi-Fi AC1200 or AX1200 .
• Customer is eligible for other services once registers 3BB Member application. Other services include 3BB WiFi, DDNS, POP3Mail, 3BB Privilege, and additional services offered by the company.

3BB GIGATV Subscription Television Terms of Service
• Customer can watch contents on 3BB GIGATV Box, 3BB GIGATV application, and The service can be installed up to 5 devices and watched up to 2 devices concurrently.
• Channels and programs are scheduled by HBO GO, MONOMAX and OKE which cannot be subscribed separately from the 3BB Internet service.
• For customer who wants to rent movies or other 3BB GIGATV contents, they can pay for the service according to the designated payment channels.
• In case of cancelling the 3BB Internet service, 3BB GIGATV subscription TV service will be terminated immediately. 3BB GIGATV Box and accessories must be returned to 3BB Shop in good condition.
• 3BB GIGATV subscription service channels may be changed or alter as appropriate with giving notice to customer in advance.
• The company has the right to terminate or suspend equipment borrowing if the equipment is used in the wrong ways:
o Is contrary to the law
o Causes damage to company’s reputation
o Has been modified or connected to other equipment
o Breaks the service agreements
• Copyright of contents and television channels are according to the terms and conditions of the copyright owners. Contents and channels are reserved for personal entertainment. Do not modify, reproduce, or redistribute to the public by any means.
• Additional terms and information refer to the 3BB GIGATV subscription television service agreement.